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General Forum Rules

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General Forum Rules

Post by Solid Scorpion on Tue Nov 11 2014, 15:37

Alright everyone listen up. I know y'all excited to talk about all the shooting and respawning and whatever. However, spare me a few minutes to gets some rules straight. Let's all be civilized folks on here, eh?

- Severe flaming, harassing, and trolling are not allowed.

- Harm/Suicide/Death threats are not allowed.

- Respect other people's opinions. Other people have their rights to have a different opinion. You can try to convince them in a courteous manner, but do not insult them personally or attempt to force them into conforming to your opinion.

- Watch your tongue. Swearing is not prohibited on this forum but try to keep it at minimum level. It's important as some people may not enjoy having all that F-words on their screens. Any racist, sexist, or discriminating terms are not tolerated.

- Make a post count. Threads or posts that are not contributing, pointless, or seemingly spam may be deleted without warning. (Spam topics like "last post wins" are still not allowed either.)

- Advertisements without permission is not allowed. If you need to advertise, consult an admin and he/she will decide.

- 18+ (explicit sex, gore) content will not be tolerated. suggestive content may be inspected or deleted without warning.

- Write in readable English. This is after all an English site, run by English speaking people. Speaking in a different language may just cause further confusion and delayed help. If you have a hard time, Google translate is a good last resort.

- Do not create multiple accounts. If you don't like your username and would like it changed, talk to an admin or a mod and he/she may change it for you.

- Do not create another thread for a topic that has already been created. Repeated topics may be deleted without warning. Use the search button to see if a similar topic already exists.

- Post topics in their appropriate sections, threads that are considered off topic may be moved/deleted without warning.

- Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Please post your original works, or give those you've referred to credit.

Repeated offense of these rules may result in warnings, or temporary/permanent ban. There ain't gonna be any "honorable discharges" here, so y'all better follow these rules to the bone.
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